We never kid ourselves. This is about our planet & our future.

Solar energy is truly a wonderful thing. It’s something that should be kept simple. We’ve learned that when you’re truly kind to the planet, lots of good things happen.

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Ontario's premium solar solution.

What is SunFlow Solar?
The complete solar solution for homeowners.

A solar company committed to the environment and educating Canadians about the benefits of solar. A leader in Canadian solar installs offering complete solutions with an emphasis on product & service quality. SunFlow Solar is Ontario’s premium solar solution.

Why solar energy?
Nothing is more natural.

We’re not interested in debating climate change. The environmental, financial & technical benefits of solar energy is unmatched by any other power source. Solar power is everywhere. You can see it. We’re excited to show you what it can do.

Who is SunFlow Solar?
An experienced team passionate about solar.

Our team is comprised of environmental agents, engineers, investment consultants, home renovation specialists and master electricians. Our team has expertise working with government agencies on various home energy programs, home renovation projects and environmental initiatives.

Our vision.
A solar system on every rooftop.

With rising hydro costs and further strain on our planet, it’s time to make a big change, one home at a time. Forward thinking homeowners want freedom from the grid. We believe the future can be bright!

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